​ATIM Training PlanRoadmap to reach goals

Use Your Personalized Training and Employment Plan (PTEP) Roadmap.

​ATIM Personalized Training and Employment Plan (PTEP) is your roadmap to reach your employment goals.  Your plan should include the job(s) you want to pursue, the skills you must learn to become qualified for those jobs, and the training or certificates you will need to get those skills.

Your PTEP Provides:

Plan Start/End Dates 

Know what is expected and when items need to be completed.

On/Off Track Status 

Easily see when your case manager or training provider identifies when you are on/off target for meeting the plan timeline.

Job Competencies

Know what skills/knowledge you need to get hired. You can see these in the Manufacturing Expanded Bridge section next to your select target occupation.

Current Status (List of Achievements) 

Your case manager enters your actual assessment information, training information (services), credentials earned, work-based learning, and permanent employment information into their reporting system (IWDS).  Use the "Show __________" links to view this information in your training plan.  

Work-based Learning Opportunities

These are ways you can earn while you learn and impress a possible future employer through a temporary work placement.  Work-based learning includes: job shadowing, work experience, internships, and on-the-job training.  Check the ATIM Tools website for postings with job information, requirements, and related competencies. Be sure to ask your ATIM case manager about work-based learning opportunities.

Permanent Job Postings

View available jobs in your target occupations.  These postings include job information, requirements, related competencies, and how to apply. 

​PTEP Sections:

Manufacturing Expanded Bridge

  • Activities to help make an informed decision when selecting a target occupation.
  • Put together a plan to reach your goals.
  • Earn MSSC Safety Credential

Optional Training

  • Improve reading and math skills if needed.
  • Earn National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) 
  • Earn additional MSSC Credentials.

Technical Training

  • List planned coursework and credentials with completion dates.

 WBL/Job Placement

  • List work-based learning and permanent job openings.
  • Listings include contact information, requirements, and related competencies.

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Do you have questions about your PTEP roadmap?

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